RSVRTech. Diversification of our Investments

Our Domain.

Our Domains

With core expertise in Fin-tech, our CEO supported the Pricing & Cash management functions of one of the World’s largest Mutual Funds – worth upwards of $3 Trillion. This, combined with our expertise in taxation means we bring avant-garde innovation in Fin-tech.


We believe in ideas that change the world. We have invested in e-Commerce companies that are careful towards nature and sustainability.


Our team has extensive Healthcare experience – our founder set-up the healthcare practice some of the most prestigious health tech companies. Helping them not just scale but also on profitability.

Health Tech

Currently working on a platform that helps users track their carbon emissions produced during their daily travels, while also providing users recommendations on how their carbon footprint can be reduced.


We have worked, supported and developed some of the most noticeable products in HRTech.

HR Tech

Created a learning management system designed for HR trainings across various domains.


Helped create an AI driven system that enabled users to receive customised recommendations based on their renting requirements.