We are Angel Investors

We are different from other Angel Investors. We bring investment and technology development together.

RSVR Technologies is a London-based Investment Firm, working primarily with start-ups and early-stage ventures. We actively invest in startups and help develop quality software solutions in addition to having a portfolio of start-ups that we have invested in.

We stand behind you and do your technology. We look at long term future. We are passionate about people we work with. We merge our passion with business of Investment so we get best of both the worlds.

Our Approach

Our expertise in technology combines agility and quick-turnaround practices of a start-up, with the methodology of a seasoned player – based on our 30+ years of IT experience. What’s not to like?

At RSVRtech we believe in excellence through iteration. The best designs, the best solutions, the best technologies were not an overnight consequence but a result of brilliant people spending hours and hours working on a solution. We’ve used the infinity sift as a metaphor to what we do and the solutions we try to create.

So, do you think your startup/business idea is eligible for funding?

Send us your pitch and your ideas. Let’s see if we can figure something out!

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