We bring investment and technology.

RSVR is a cohort of Angel Investors. We’re not just investors, we’re passionate and we do technology. We look for startups and founders that are ready to change the world. Because of our passion for tech, we’ve built a team of techies for ourselves.
During the course of supporting the startup, along with the investments, we help develop software to meet the precise requirements while appropriately addressing all constraint expectations. Our team values user experience and ensures that the software is user friendly with an aesthetic user interface.
Our team of highly qualified experts are divided into a group of seven teams who work diligently to fulfill all the software demands and yield desirable output. Each team at RSVR has distinctive skills which are combined to create outstanding results!

We are Angel Investors and we work with startups to support them on their technologies.

Professional creators can go from an idea, to design and straight to production—using a full stack solution on the world’s most flexible canvas.

Driven by helping others grow.

We are different from other Angel Investors. We bring investment and technology development together.

“We stand behind you and do your technology. We look at long term future. We are passionate about people we work with. We merge our passion with business of Investment so we get best of both the worlds.”



The rest is up to you.